Petra Weissgerber

Operations Director

Petra Weissgerber, the Director of Operation of DEUTCHES RUNDHERUM, is a graduate from Hochberuf Schule in Trier. Petra, with a flair for core finance services and markets, contributes towards detailed planning, design, operational and support teams to deliver innovative and successful services.

Having extensive experience and expertise in financial processes in sync with corporate objectives and strategies within our business, Petra brings a holistic understanding to generating robust business and financial solutions, and adds tremendous value to the our strategy.Thus, maximizing efficiency, competence and customer satisfaction for our local and global clients, and delivering excellence by leveraging best practice, service insight and team motivation.

Previously, Petra served as Head of Operations for A.B.S COMMERZIAL CONSULTANTS Group, where she was responsible for budgeting, controlling costs and keeping the organization on track financially. She analysed business forecasts, sales reports and financial statements to find ways to maximize results.

Petra is an esteemed member of the Germany Business Chambers (IHK).

She is also a member of the National Red Cross Society in Germany (DRK).