Sreekumar Gopalan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sreekumar Gopalan, the CEO of DEUTCHES RUNDHERUM, has been deeply involved in his company headquartered in Germany. Through the years, he has guided growth of DEUTCHES RUNDHERUM instrumentally in pursuit of excellence with his passion for Business Finance and Project Consultancy.

Sreekumar holds over 25 years’ of global experience and expertise across Europe and Asia continent. Equipped with exclusive knowledge of business process and industry, Sreekumar has been involved in success of an array of clients’ businesses. His clientele portfolio ranged from different industries based in cities like Frankfurt, London, Bern, Dubai, Riyaad and Doha.

Following his education, he worked for Hospitality and Consultancy firms in US, UK and Germany.

Previously, Sreekumar served as Vice President and Group Head for A.B.S COMERZIAL CONSULTANTS Group, where he was responsible for Project developments, Financing for a special project, Expand production or Purchase specific assets and assuring Business growth regionally and internationally.

He also served as an advisor for USPH Standard Maintaining Committee – a cruise company.

Sreekumar is also an esteemed member of the Germany Business Chambers (IHK).